About This Site

I have a short list of the major rallies and some other events that turned up in an internet search in the directory to motorcycle events around the country.  When I have enough events in my directory to make it worthwhile I will set these up both in a calendar format and in a regional format.  For now they are just in a laundry lists under the Rallies and Other Events headings in the nav column.

I also would like to have a section of articles about specific rallies or the rally scene in general.  If you know anyone that operates an event or that might want to submit an article you can send them a link to this site by clicking HERE.  Please contact me HERE if you would like to write an article or have one that you would like to post.  I will put up some galleries of pictures that I have taken on the rally circuit and I also solicit your rally photos for posting on the site. 

I would also like to put up audio and video content . Please contact me if you have any videos that you would make available to this site. As far as audio content I can put up a music player with motorcycle oriented songs. The music player that I use has provision to display an artists picture or album art and can link to the artists site. I would also like to post spoken word stories. I am investigating a way to record these directly to the site, but if you have any stories recorded let me know.

I am looking for motorcycle related content and am open to just about anything having to do with motorcycles or the rally circuit. I want to make this an interesting site to visit, and it is content that makes a site interesting. I would like to hear any suggestions that you may have regarding this site.

Thanks, Wink

About Me

I have worked motorcycle rallies around the country for the past 11 years. I am based in Daytona and have worked the local rallies several years before taking it on the road.  I have worked the rallies in Daytona, Myrtle Beach, Laconia, and Sturgis. I have also worked a couple of rallies in Milwaukee, including the Harley Hundredth, and the first three rallies held at Angel City in Georgia.

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